Kona Brewing Co. Light Blonde Ale, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Bottles

Ale with tropical mango added. Brewing since '94. The Winds of Adventure: The first Polynesian explorers ventured out across the South Pacific in double-hulled canoes driven by the wind. With their sails held taught against the blowing ocean breezes, they spread across the ocean and steered north, to Hawaii, bringing a courageous spirit and mastery of the trade winds to their new island home. Today, adventure files just offshore at Kanaha Beach, on the north side of Maui. Among the best kiteboarding sites in the world, you will see colorful domed kites lifted high over the blue water and soar in view of the West Maui Mountains. Skilled kiteboarders hover lightly above the water as they glide behind their sails, mastering the wind for a thrilling ride and adventure all their own. Up, Up and Away! Our brewers were inspired by the trade winds to create this smooth, refreshing blonde ale with the adventures of summer in mind. After a day riding the winds over shimmering waters, Kanaha Blonde ale is a bright, sessionable beer that will ease you ashore without weighing you down. Real mango fruit adds a juicy, tropical flavor that is easy like the islands. This crisp Kona brew will take you up, up and away! Mahalo for recycling. www.KonaBrewingCo.com. 4.2% alc. by vol.