Daiya Dairy Free Cheddar Style Vegan Cheese Shreds - 7.1 oz

Sprinkle some dairy free delight over dinner tonight with Daiya's deliciously versatile plant based cheese shreds. Stretchy, melty, and oh-so-gooey, these dairy free cheese shreds give you real cheese flavor and texture, and yet are 100% plant based! Our dairy free cheese shreds are delicious with crepes and tacos, and perfect on the top of pizzas, pastas and Daiya Mac & Cheeze - any of your favorite vegan comfort foods that call for melted cheese. Our Cheddar Style vegan cheese shreds are a delicious, dairy free staple for your household. With a perfectly cheesy texture that melts, stretches and oozes, swap this vegan cheddar cheese in for any comfort food classics, like nachos, grilled cheese and more. Made with chickpea and free from dairy, gluten, and soy.