Marzetti® Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Tortilla Strips 4.5 oz. Stand Up Bag

Turn your salad bowl into a fiesta with the crunchiness of Marzetti® Tortilla Strips. They're a festive touch that's as authentic as they are zesty. That's because Marzetti Tortilla Strips start as fresh corn, which is stone ground into "masa," authentic corn dough. It's rolled flat, cut into tortillas and sliced into strips. Then they are sprinkled generously with our signature seasonings. The result? A burst of robust, crunchy corn flavor in every bite. And naturally gluten free too! With Marzetti Tortilla Strips, every salad becomes a delicious creation that makes you feel great! Add some wow to your salad today with Marzetti Tortilla Strips. Add Some Wow to Your Salad! Bursting with Flavor No High Fructose Corn Syrup Without Artificial Flavors or Colors No Preservatives Gluten Free 0g Trans Fat