Vitaminwater 10 Water Beverage, Nutrient Enhanced, Low Cal, Go-Go, 10 Calorie, Mixed Berry

(E + Ribose). Naturally sweetened. 10 calories per serving. How could you possibly be reading this label right now? Isn't there a meeting you should be in? A child you forgot to pick up? A gym you've been paying for? (FYI - there's a difference between paying for and using) we know, we know - you're busy. Everyday is a marathon. Fortunately, what you have in your hand has vitamin E and ribose to give you that sumthin' sumthin' you need to help get you to your daily finish line. And to sweeten - or naturally sweeten - the deal, we made it with only 10 calories per serving. Now hurry to the soccer field, it's getting dark and your child's coach is starting to ask questions. Nutrient rich, calorie poor. Contains less than 1% juice.